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Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® pods

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Quick Overview:

Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® pods bring you the delicious flavor of sun-ripened blueberries with a hint of sweetness and buttery perfection, all wrapped up in a light roasted coffee.

Blueberry K-Cup® coffee? You better believe it! Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry is creamy and delicious, we prefer to call it Wild Mountain Blueberry Pie because that is precisely how it tastes. Hints of blueberry are complemented by a fantastic buttery taste all wrapped in a K-Cup® coffee crust! If you are a flavored K-Cup® coffee lover, this is a must try.

Each K-Cup® portion pack is an air-tight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor.

Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® pods ship in a 24 count box and are for use in Keurig® single cup brewers.

This coffee is Certified Fair Trade.

Compatible with classic Keurig® brewer models and Keurig® 2.0 coffee makers.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Karen Jaras
light flavor and very mild (Posted on 11/9/16)
Review by Shanel Lewis
The flavor of the blueberry is definitely there. Added with some french vanilla creamer it tastes like blueberries and cream. Yummy!! I love green mountain. Smooth and just the right of flavor that doesn't overpower you. (Posted on 11/6/16)
Review by kelly hanley
I love the wild mountain blueberry!! It tastes so great1 (Posted on 10/15/16)
Review by Deborah D
This flavor is wonderful! (Posted on 10/6/16)
Review by Brenda McCracken
I love the taste of Green Mountain Wild Blue Berry Coffee. It has a great aroma and perfect balance of flavor. Yummy! (Posted on 10/6/16)
Review by SAM W
ROCKIN STUFF! (Posted on 9/10/16)
Review by Cheryll Shubert
I love the blueberry flavor! It is strong without being over-powerful...just the perfect amount of taste! My husband always thinks I am making blueberry pancakes when I brew a pot...it tricks him every time, lol!! Delicious!!! (Posted on 8/30/16)
Review by Cynthia Stacey
Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry is totally my favorite - mixing coffee and blueberry together is really awesome!!! Love it!! Great taste! (Posted on 8/29/16)
Review by Lisa
I love this coffee. It adds a nice tart undertaste to a great coffee (Posted on 8/23/16)
Review by Deborah D
Love the taste of this coffee. (Posted on 8/22/16)
Review by Deborah D
this coffee has the greatest flavor. (Posted on 8/19/16)
Review by Deborah D
So much flavor! (Posted on 8/18/16)
Review by Deborah D
I absolutely love the blueberry flavor of this coffee. (Posted on 8/17/16)
Review by Deborah D
I absolutely love the blueberry flavor of this coffee. (Posted on 8/17/16)
Review by Deborah D
i love this coffee (Posted on 8/15/16)
Review by Deborah D
I love all of the blueberry flavor in this coffee. (Posted on 8/14/16)
Review by Sohair
just yum and it has a good taste (Posted on 5/30/16)
Review by Sohair
if u love blueberry and coffee you'll enjoy drinking this (Posted on 5/17/16)
Review by Linda poplees
I just love the taste of the wild mountain blueberry coffee. It is delicious anytime during the day. This coffee seems to always put a smile on my face. It even smells delicious! (Posted on 4/13/16)
Review by audrianna goodell
The blueberry flavoring doesnt over power the coffee. It is a perfect blend :) (Posted on 4/12/16)
Review by Delightful
This is absolutely divine!! I love the flavor of blueberry and the smell its just breakfast in a cup :) (Posted on 4/12/16)
Review by rana durham
i love this brand and this type of coffee makes delicious treats that i can enjoy with my family. everyone i know enjoys this becase it tastes so much like blueberries. (Posted on 4/11/16)
Review by Dorothea M
The entire kitchen smells like blueberries when brewed and there is a nice blueberry after-taste when drinking.Delicious light roast coffee with great flavor and no bitterness. A perfect cup of joe anytime. (Posted on 4/10/16)
Review by Christina Moore
i would love to try this coffee, (Posted on 4/10/16)
Review by Shannon Williams
This is one of my favorites. Great coffee
(Posted on 4/8/16)
Review by Deborah D
I love the taste of blueberries that come from this coffee. (Posted on 3/28/16)
Review by Stephanie
The first sip reminds me of a hot fresh blueberry muffin! This is such amazing tasting beverage. You will think of being in the wilderness picking blueberries and snacking on them! It so smooth and the aroma makes you feel so peaceful and relaxed. This is a 'Good Morning in the Mountain during the Summer Time' Kcup and I love it!!! (Posted on 3/25/16)
Review by Anita k
Wow is such a simple word,but that's the first word that I said when I tried this absolutely wonderful coffee.so fresh and clean.a company that is a giving back.so very glad to have found this,and probably will stick to it. (Posted on 3/5/16)
Review by NissaRae
VERY unique and tasty. (Posted on 3/5/16)
Review by diane sabatini
This is like a muffin in your cup; delicious! (Posted on 3/5/16)
Review by Mary
Wild Mountain Blueberry (Posted on 2/26/16)
Review by Mary
This is yummy. (Posted on 2/17/16)
Review by Stacy
This is by far, my favorite coffee. (Posted on 2/17/16)
Review by Deborah D
This really sounds delicious. I love blueberries so this would be yummy. (Posted on 2/8/16)
Review by diane sabatini
This is my new go to flavor. Bursting with flavor of blueberries and still tastes like coffee. Best of both worlds! (Posted on 2/6/16)
Review by Chris
Love this coffee! Tastes like blueberry coffee cake. (Posted on 1/31/16)
Review by Janet Faris
This looks and sounds so delish! (Posted on 1/31/16)
Review by Preston Chapman
This is a great tasting flavored coffee. (Posted on 1/31/16)
Review by Deborah D
I really like this coffee. Blueberry is one of my favorites. (Posted on 1/27/16)
Review by Deborah D
I love the blueberry flavor. Everyone should try this. They would love this coffee. (Posted on 1/27/16)
Review by Robin Abrams
I love the flavor of blueberry . You can really tell the blueberry so yummy (Posted on 12/31/15)
Review by Hope
I love this coffee because it actually tastes like Blueberry. It is the only flavor coffee that does not bother my stomach and I just love the taste and aroma of it (Posted on 12/29/15)
Review by June S.
(FAIR TRADE WILD MOUNTAIN BLUEBERRY) I had a cup of this coffee once when I was visiting my brother. It was so good, cannot wait to try some of the other flavors too. (Posted on 12/17/15)
Review by Maralea
This is one of my favorite flavored coffee! (Posted on 12/2/15)
Review by Erin
This is my favorite flavored coffee!!! Delicious! (Posted on 11/12/15)
Review by Courtney
I love this it is one of my favorite flavors and smells amazing when its brewing! (Posted on 11/11/15)
Review by Mary
Very nice light flavor (Posted on 11/6/15)

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