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Paper Cup, Lid and Hot Sleeve Combo

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Quick Overview:

"Don't miss out on your favorite K Cup coffee when you are out and about. With this Paper Cup, Lid and Hot Sleeve Combo pack you can make your K Cup to go! It's cheaper and easier than a trip to the coffee shop.

The pack contains 10 biodegradable 10oz cups, 10 plastic lids, and 10 sleeves to keep your coffee hot or your iced tea cold."


Paper Cups for Coffee to Go

Now so much a part of our daily lives, it is hard to imagine a time without paper cups enabling us to enjoy a coffee to go. Up until the early years of the twentieth century, it was common for publicly used drinking sources such as barrels or faucets to have a single glass or cup for everyone to use. As the transmission of diseases became better understood, this practice raised concerns about public health.

The first disposable paper cup was developed in 1907, by a lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts by the name of Lawrence Luellen. He also created a vending machine for iced water in his cups and they soon became popular especially along the railroads. Originally called the 'Health Cup', the name was changed to the 'Dixie Cup' in 1919 after the Dixie Doll Company based in New York. Worries about the transmission of infections helped to spread the use of disposable paper cups across the country, particularly in schools and hospitals.

The first paper cups were made waterproof by dropping a small blob of clay into the bottom and spinning the cup at high speed so the centrifugal force spread the clay in a thin layer over the inner surface. It worked, but the contents did not always taste good!. A better method was soon developed, which involved coating the paper with a thin layer of wax. This method was in turn superseded when polyethylene was discovered.

As the numbers of paper cups used on a daily basis soared and the environmental impact of the massive volumes of trash they created came under scrutiny, other solutions were sought, as polyethylene coated cups are not easily recyclable. New coatings derived from corn have now been created, making a biodegradable cup that can be composted.

For hygiene purposes, only the outer layer of double shelled drinking cups can be made from recycled paper, as they do not come into contact with the cup's contents. Double walled cups are now less common since the invention of the paper or cardboard sleeve, which fulfills the same purpose of minimizing heat exchange between the content of the cup and your hand.

If you are a fan of your own home brewed coffee and want to save yourself a trip to the coffee shop, you can still enjoy your favorite cup of joe on the go. With a Paper Cup, Lid and Hot Sleeve Combo pack, you have everything you need to take your K Cup beverage out with you wherever you are going."

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