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Cafe Bustelo Espresso K-Cup® pods

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Quick Overview:

A unique dark roast Cuban espresso K-Cup® coffee pod with a strong, full body and smooth taste. The aroma will knock your socks off, the satisfying coffee will please even the strongest coffee cravings!

Calling all Dark Magic K-Cup® coffee fans, there is a new espresso K-Cup® pod in town!

Cafe Bustelo offers a unique espresso with a Cuban flair, now in a K-Cup® pod! This is considered a dark roast coffee but, is actually a blend of dark and medium beans. The blend provides a satisfying dark boldness with the smooth taste of a medium roast. Cafe Bustelo espresso has a balanced acidity and lack of bitterness.

Makes a perfect iced coffee!

Cafe Bustelo Espresso roast is compatible with Keurig® 2.0 and all classic Keurig® brewer models.

Enjoy 24 amazing espresso K-Cup® pods per box.

Cafe Bustelo is a Cinderella story only this one involves a Spanish man who fell in love with the roasting qualities of traditional Cuban coffee. He and his wife found themselves jobless in New York City. On a whim, they decided to try to turn their passion for great coffee into a paycheck. Cafe Bustelo was born and has now become an international sensation.

Customer Reviews

Review by Lindsey
Best coffee ever. My brother hated coffee, and I got him to try this and he loves it now too! (Posted on 4/24/18)
Review by Jasmine F
Dark, delicious and strong, just how I like it!!!!! (Posted on 12/18/17)
Review by Desiree
I ordered several items but am most looking forward to my Caribou coffee. I love, love, love that coffee! Have not tasted a bad Caribou coffee yet!!! (Posted on 3/23/17)
Review by Karen Jaras
One of my husband's top choice for coffee day or night. Perfect roast without being too bold or bitter. (Posted on 3/23/17)
Review by Kimberly H
I discovered these k-cups when I found a few in a variety sample box. I absolutely love these! They have a nice strong flavor and give me that caffeine boost! One of the few coffees I can drink without sugar because of the nice flavor. (Posted on 3/18/17)
Review by Adella Gonzalez
I discovered this coffee when I lived in New York! It's rich and strong and get your morning (or night) going that's for sure. Love it comes in a K-Cup! :)
You've gotta try it.. (Posted on 1/31/17)
Review by Carmen
i love cafe bustelo.it reminds me of when i was little and my parents will make it each morning and when i got old enough to drink coffee it was one of my favorite coffee (Posted on 1/28/17)
Review by susan
I love this coffee for the richness and its also great when you have a headache. (Posted on 11/10/16)
Review by JRSYGRL69
Mi Abuela always had Café Bustelo ready for company and growing up, she'd make me a special cup of café con leche...even now as an adult, I just love the smell of it brewing & I can certainly tell the difference from its rich bold taste to the imitators...I <3 my Café Bustelo & always will... (Posted on 9/28/16)
Review by Maria
Love it! (Posted on 8/30/16)
Review by Tanya Williams
Bold and delicious! I love it! (Posted on 8/3/16)
Review by Karo
If I could drink this everyday the rest of my life I would! (Posted on 7/20/16)
Review by Karo
This is the most tasty coffee I've ever had! (Posted on 6/23/16)
Review by Ryan Meeks
The Espresso Roast taste of this Kcup makes it a great delight to enjoy in the morning when you are in need of a quick picker upper. Truly, it's enjoyable during all hours of the day. I have often purchased this brand when standing in front of the Kcup section looking among the other varieties. (Posted on 4/26/16)
Review by Karo
One of the best coffees I've ever tasted. Wish I had it all the time. To me it has a nuttier taste and slight sweetness that I don't taste in other coffee. (Posted on 3/5/16)
Review by Jodi L
I absolutely LOVE the deep, rich, bold flavor of Cafe Bustle Espresso Roast. It's the most flavorful way to wake up!
(Posted on 3/4/16)
Review by Maria
I am in love with Cafe Bustelo Espresso Roast. Its perfcect for a rich bold wake me up cup in the morning. (Posted on 2/17/16)
Review by Deborah D
I love the boldness of this coffee. (Posted on 2/17/16)
Review by Valerie
This is a surprisingly satisfying cup of coffee. It is rich and bold. Simply delicious. (Posted on 2/5/16)
Review by Maria
I absolutely love Cafe Bustelo! It gives me the rich espresso taste i need to start my day. (Posted on 1/28/16)
Review by Rachel
This dark espresso roast is one of Cuba's most popular coffees. One whiff of its rich aroma and you know you're going to wake up! Bold and smokey, but not bitter, Cafe Bustelo is great on its own and stands up to cream and sugar. One cup of this strong coffee does the work of three. The only coffee I buy, Cafe Bustelo is worth the break.
(Posted on 11/2/15)

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