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How to Make a Red Eye Coffee

Losing focus? There are times when we all need a major boost. Sometimes just plain ol’ coffee won’t do. We need something stronger. That is where the red-eye comes in. Red-eye is a combination of regular brewed coffee and espresso. This coffee drink provides an absolute ton of caffeine (maybe too much for some so please be careful!) and it is a perfect choice for those who love a robust tasting cup of coffee. You will only need two ingredients and it can be made in just a few minutes.

making starbucks french roast kcup with keurig

Red Eye Coffee Made With a Keurig® Brewer




  • Brew your standard K-Cup® coffee pod on the lowest water setting of your Keurig® coffee maker into the large mug.  
  • Next, brew your espresso roast pod on the smallest water setting of your brewer directly into the same mug.
  • Add cream and/ or sugar if you would like.
holding a mug of starbucks french roast kcups

This creation goes by several names: witches brew, devils brew, and a myriad of others. You can call it whatever you like, I call it strong, quick, cheap, and delicious! Here is the fine print – this recipe contains a large amount of caffeine. Consume large amounts of caffeine at your own risk and do not do so if you have any health issues.

How much coffee is in a K-Cup® pod?

The amount of ground coffee in a K-Cup® pod greatly influences the taste and caffeine content. Most pods contain about 10.5 grams. That amount varies by brand and roast. Extra bold coffees for Keurig® brewers have up to 20 percent more coffee per capsule. 

How much caffeine is in one K-Cup® pod?

There is an average of about 113 mg of caffeine in each K-Cup® pod. This ranges between 75 and 150 mg depending on the roast. You may be surprised to learn that light roast coffees actually contain more caffeine than dark roast coffees.

woman wearing beige sweater holding a mug of coffee

Are there espresso K-Cup® pods?

Contrary to popular belief, espresso is a brewing method, not a type of coffee. Espresso can only be made with certain high-pressure coffee makers. Thus, you can not make true espresso with a Keurig® machine. Yet, there are espresso-tasting K-Cup® pods. They will not produce the same oily, thick body as the genuine thing. But, they come darn close, and they make a suitable substitution for the home barista.

How much water should I use per K-Cup® pod? 

Water is another factor that determines the strength of a cup of coffee. In this instance, use common sense. Use less water or choose the smaller cup size if you want a stronger, more robust cup of coffee. But, if you prefer a weaker, thinner tasting cup of coffee, use more water or choose the largest cup size. Read this article to learn more about Keurig® brewer cup sizes.

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