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5 Rules for K-Cup® Expiration Dates

No one likes it when food or drinks go bad. It’s wasteful to buy too much of one item or forget things in cluttered cupboards. It is no different with coffee for your Keurig® brewer.

But do K-Cup® pods actually expire? And, can drinking old pods make you sick? We will answer those questions in this article. Plus, you will learn where to find the expiration date, how to store K-Cup® coffee, and how to plan your supply. 

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Do K-Cup® pods expire?

The best by date is printed on the bottom of every box. It is usually a black rectangle that is easy to spot. Take special note, this is a best by date, not an expiration date. Just as the phrase states, this date tells you when you should consume this product for the best results. In other words, the time frame it will taste best. 

How long do K-Cup® pods last?

The pods do not require an expiration date because they do not technically go bad. But, you will be most satisfied with the results if you consume them within 12 months. Single-serve coffee is designed to be stored longer than standard ground beans. Since the grounds in K-Cup® pods are not exposed to air, they will stay fresh-tasting for about a year. 

Can you drink expired K-Cup® coffee?

Since there is not a true expiration date on K-Cup® pods, you can drink them for as long as you want. Yet, the quality and flavor may diminish after an extended period. Most likely, an expired K-Cup® pod will not make you sick. But, you should dispose of the pod anyways. Especially if there is a broken seal. The seal keeps the coffee grinds dry and free of mold. If it is compromised, moisture may seep in and cause mold growth.

How to store K-Cup® coffee

Use common sense when you choose a place to store coffee for your Keurig®. Keep it somewhere out of direct sunlight that is cool and dry. Avoid sharing space with toxic chemicals or household cleaning supplies. Any kitchen drawer or cupboard works fine. Do not use the cabinet under your kitchen sink due to the risk of leaks. 

Can you freeze K-Cup® pods?

Although you can freeze coffee for your Keurig® brewer, it is not optimal. Freezing is against best practices for standard ground coffee since it adds too much moisture. You are a little better off with pods since the seal keeps moisture out. If you choose to freeze them, you should use them within one month. 

With all this said, it is best to keep a supply of K-Cup® coffee on hand that you can drink in a reasonable amount of time. Each pod makes one 6, 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup of coffee – depending on the strength you prefer. It is against recommendations to use them more than once unless it is within a few minutes. Use this information to calculate the number of pods you will need for your home or office and never waste them again!

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