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   Our best price guarantee.

Our best price guarantee ensures that we always offer our customers the best price on our quality coffee. We guarantee that we will match lower prices of our competitors. If our prices are not better than our competitors, we will adjust them to offer you the same deal. Simply send us the link to their lower pricing on K-Cup® pods, tea, beverages or coffee makers of the same make, model, or product count per package for a lower price. This guarantee only applies to online retailers offers.

How does the Best Price Guarantee apply to coffee products?

If you find a current price on an identical, same box count size, in-stock Keurig® brewers or K-Cup® pods from any other online retailer, we will match the price on an existing order. The Best Price Guarantee excludes special orders, clearance items, discontinued items, expired products, open box merchandise, free offers and typographical errors. Additional coupon discounts cannot be used on top of competitor’s offers.

How do I take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee?

If you like spending more on coffee, go ahead otherwise to take advantage of this offer send us an email stating your claim. You must include the actual link of the product you are requesting a price match for. You will receive an reply from one of our helpful coffee elves within 2 business days (at the most, our elves work fast!)

Does the Best Price Guarantee match limited quantity offers by online competitors?

No, our Best Price Guarantee does not apply to online competitor’s limited quantity offers, clearance offers, or typographical errors. Your submission must match quantity and product exactly and cannot be a limited time pricing. It must be an enduring regular market price for the competitor. We will not match seasonal, limited quantity or clearance pricing.

Can I add an additional coupon on top of the competitor's offer?

No, additional offers in the form or coupons or other promotions cannot be combined with the Best Price program.

Wacky Wednesday coffee sale 

This policy is subject to change without notice. Effective as of March 1, 2012. 
For additional questions or concerns regarding our Best Price guarantee please contact us.