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Black Tiger K-Cup® pods

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Quick Overview:

An extra bold, dark roast with a burnt, earthy flare. Black Tiger K-Cup® pods from Coffee People are only for those who like a hard hitting dark roast. This is a full bodied coffee with an earthy taste.

Each K-Cup® portion pack is an air-tight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor. Black Tiger K-Cup® pods ship in 24-count pack for use in Keurig® single cup brewers, compatible with classic Keurig® brewer models and Keurig® 2.0 coffee makers.

The Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system – How it works

Keurig® K-Cup® pods offer a simple way to create a perfect cup of coffee. Each single serve cup contains a measured amount of coffee pressed into its own filter inside the cup. The cup is opaque to stop any light getting to the coffee, and is sealed to preserve freshness. When you put the cup into the Keurig® brewer, and press the brew button, small holes are pierced into the top and bottom of the cup. Water at the correct temperature is forced through the cup, under pressure, to allow the brewing process to take place inside. So you don't even have to open the cup! Brewing just takes a minute or two, and the delicious coffee is ready to drink.

Using a K-Cup® pod means that you don't have to bother with measuring out ground coffee; that has already been done for you. It also means that there is no waste. It is so easy to brew a jug of coffee and end up throwing half of it away. With the K-Cup® pod system, you make just as much as you need and no more. At the end of the brew, a short blast of air is emitted to make sure all the water is forced out of the cup, so it can be removed safely. The used grounds remain in the cup and so are easily lifted out and thrown away with no mess.

A single cup system also allows you to brew different beverages for different people. You only have to wait about 15 seconds after one brew for the machine to be ready for the next one. That's great if one person wants decaf and another wants a flavored coffee, or something a little stronger. There are now over 200 different beverages available in K-cups, including many coffees teas and hot chocolates: there is surely something for everyone.

For those who like a really full bodied coffee with an earthy taste, there is Black Tiger coffee K-cup® pods from Coffee People. This is a dark roast coffee with an intense coffee flavor. And with a Keurig® brewer you can have a cup ready to drink in just two minutes

Customer Reviews

Review by Jennifer Clack
This K Cup gets me going every morning without a doubt! The packaging is GREAT and so is the caffeine! (Posted on 10/13/17)
Review by Karolina
I absolutely love this coffee. One of my favorites to purchase. Would highly recommend (Posted on 6/14/17)
Review by Kimberly Hillman
Love this one! No bitter after taste like some strong dark/bold coffees! (Posted on 6/7/17)
Review by Brandon Sparks
BLACK TIGER K-CUP® PODS is my all time favorite. The best I ever tasted.. (Posted on 5/31/17)
Review by April
This is my favorite! (Posted on 4/5/17)
Review by Angela Saver
I love this bold, smooth coffee! Highly recommend it! (Posted on 3/29/17)
Review by Kimberly Hillman
This is my favorite choice! I love the boldness with the smoothness! (Posted on 1/28/17)
Review by Karo
Love the bold and rich flavor! (Posted on 6/23/16)
Review by Nancy Hilderbrand
I believe this one will be the best coffee because of its bold flavor. (Posted on 5/29/16)
Review by laurie nykaza
I would love to try this flavor of coffee I love strong coffee flavors so this sounds good and its a real pick me up too. (Posted on 4/14/16)
Review by Deborah D
I have never tasted coffee this great! (Posted on 4/11/16)
Review by susan jones
Black and strong ...Perfect !! (Posted on 2/8/16)
Review by Ashley
If you like a strong rich flavor of coffee this is the one for you! (Posted on 1/28/16)
Review by Laurie Nykaza
This sounds so good love to try this out we love our Keurig machine too makes great coffee (Posted on 12/31/15)
Review by Gina Lopez
Love this coffee..bold strong yet me that little burst of energy to get me thru the mid day slump. (Posted on 12/30/15)
Review by Merlin McClung
(y) On Black Tiger K-cups. (Posted on 12/27/15)
Review by Preston
This is one of the best coffee products I have tried. (Posted on 11/30/15)

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